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North Central Healthcare will take over permanently as Pine Crest Nursing Home administrator

MERRILL (WAOW) — North Central Healthcare (NCHC) will take over, on a permanent basis, as the administrator of the Pine Crest Nursing Home.

Only person one on the Lincoln County Board of Supervisors voted against the resolution to approve a contract with NCHC for the ongoing management of Pine Crest

The former administrator of Pine Crest retired in May. Each nursing home must have a full-time licensed nursing home administrator at all times. For the past three months, NCHC has been managing Pine Crest on behalf of Lincoln County after the county reached out to them.

“For North Central Healthcare part of this is an obligation to our communities we already serve Lincoln County. And so for us to step in and help Lincoln County in a different way is good for Lincoln County and for North Central Healthcare going forward,” said Michael Loy the CEO of North Central Healthcare. “It allows us to operate in a more regional basis and have a larger footprint that we can work together to share costs where we can, and then be able to be more valuable to the overall marketplace.”

Zach Ziesemer was approved unanimously as the day to day administrator of Pine Crest. The Pine Crest Board of Trustees still needs to sign the management agreement with NCHC. Loy said he anticipates that being done within a week.

The agreement will go into effect on January 1st.

Ben Zitouni

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