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Officials weigh in on challenges parents face with rising child care costs

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) – According to the Department of Health and Human Services, 7% or less of a family’s income is considered affordable for child care. However, in Wisconsin it costs over 18% for one child.

We have seen a continued rise in the cost of child care across central Wisconsin,” Kelly Borchardt said. “It’s not unusual for families to pay anywhere from $150 to $225 a week for child care.”

Kallie Allman, a mother of three, said the costs can sometimes become a burden financially.

“It’s tough as a working parent,” Allman said.

Another parent of one, with one on the way, said she’s worried about associated day care costs when her second child is old enough to require those services.

“Over time it definitely does add up,” Shar Ogiba said. “It is such a large amount of money that you really have to make sure that you can accommodate that care.”

According to Childcaring, Inc., rising costs in child care are also credited to the necessities associated with maintaining a successful facility.

“Things like liability insurance, toys and equipment for the children, the nutritious food and snacks served,” Borchardt said. “Also the wages for childcare staff.”

Limited options in the area is also a contributing factor.

“We’ve seen a very significant decrease in the amount of regulated child care options for families,” Borchardt added. “We’ve lost over 50% of the child care programs in Marathon County specifically.”

“It’s just kind of disheartening that you have to make the decision of do I have another child or do I not,” Allman stated. “Can we afford that, and if we do what are the options?”

Officials at Childcaring, Inc. also stating some parents have given up jobs because they’re not able to earn enough money to completely cover child care services.

If you’re a parent with young kids who will need services, Childcaring, Inc. officials said you should plan ahead financially and start looking for a provider as early as possible.

Sarah McGrew

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