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Wisconsin newlyweds’ professional wedding photos missing

A Milwaukee couple is devastated to learn that the professional photos from their wedding are missing.

“It was just not one thing went wrong. It was just that anticipation all day. We’ve been waiting nine, 10 years for this,” Chelsy Holat said.

The couple was on cloud nine after they tied the knot at the Ivy House in Milwaukee’s Fifth Ward on Friday, but Monday, their photographer called them with news they never expected to hear.

“As soon as we learned the photos weren’t there (we were) just absolutely heartbroken, devastated, just feeling like something was taken away from us,” Chelsy Holat said.

“I do what I say I’m going to do, and this is heartbreaking,” photographer Erika Diaz said.

Diaz, out of Madison, said she left her camera equipment bag with the memory cards in the trunk of her rental car. When she returned the car the next morning, she forgot to grab the bag.

“The bag just disappeared. It’s nowhere to be found. I just care about my couple’s images and their day and what they’re losing if we don’t find it,” Diaz said.

Madison police said rental car employees didn’t find anything in the car.

The Holats said they don’t blame their photographer.

“I just believe in the good of someone, who, like, if they do see this that they would just be willing at the very minimum to send memory cards to the P.O. box. They can’t do anything with those anyway. We want everything back, but just getting those memory cards would mean everything to us,” Alex Holat said.

A second photographer was at the wedding and captured some pictures of the groomsmen and wedding guests.

If anyone finds the memory cards, they can be sent to the couple’s P.O. box at:

P.O. Box 044105
Racine, WI 53404

Diaz is offering an undisclosed amount as a reward for finding the memory cards.

WAOW Staff

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