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Transportation and the worker shortage.

MARATHON COUNTY, Wisc. (WAOW) — As the worker shortage continues, the issue of transportation is keeping some from getting new jobs.

Caleb Frostman – the Department of Workforce Development Secretary – said, “The most commonly cited impediments to workforce participation were the cost and availability of childcare and the lack of transportation options.”

And now, there’s are a few unique solutions.

Becky Zoromski is the Executive Director of the Wisconsin Automotive and Truck Education Association (WATEA). She pulled to the Job Center of Marathon County on Wednesday in a large white truck with the words “Commute 2 Careers” printed on the side.

That’s the name of a new program from WATEA that helps get newly employed workers to and from their jobs. A driver joined Crystal Finishing Systems and Kolbe Windows to show transportation possibilities to applicants.

“Businesses are having a hard time getting employees,” said Zoromski. “If we are able to connect people that are having transportation issues with employment, we figured it’s a win for everybody.”

Here’s how it all works:

While that seems like a small difference, it could mean a new job for Daniel Francis.

Francis walked into the job fair planning to apply to Kolbe, the nearest business to his home. Crystal Finishing is in Schofield, which his too far from his Wausau home.

After a conversation with a C2C driver, Francis was able to apply to both businesses, doubling his chances of getting employed.


Tom Lally

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