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Drohner softball camp grooms girls for bright athletic future

The SPASH softball team could be looking very promising in the next few years. Panthers head coach Tom Drohner is grooming what could be his future team in his yearly softball camp.

He can be tough, but he’s really good with kids–he’s really encouraging,” 7th grader Addison Hall said.

For 23 years, Drohner has led the SPASH softball team to greatness. For 12 years, he has hosted a camp to help get girls to that level.

It’s just something I like to do; I like to give back and help kids get better at the game because it’s a great game and I love it,” Drohner said.

The Drohner softball camp is all about introducing the fundamentals.

We talk about the foundation of everything that has to do with the game between hitting, fielding, catching–doing things the right way,” Drohner said.

The clinic is aimed to get girls to fall in love with the sport.

It’s just about providing opportunities for young people to get better at the game and to try to get them to fall in love with the sport because I think if you can get kids to fall in love with this game, they’ll work hard,” Drohner said.

The two hour, four-day camp goes a long way.

It’s about the same thing every year, but it helps, definitely,” 6th grader Ellie Strong. “I want to become better and Drohner has helped me over the years to show people that I can play softball.”

Even though the camp gives Drohner an advantage with recruiting for his team, his goal is to just lend a helping hand.

I want to teach kids how to do things the right way; doing things the way I think you need to do them to be successful,” Drohner said.

The clinic continues on Thursday the 14th, Monday the 19th and Tuesday the 20th.

Alexis Geffin

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