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Wisconsin Natural Resources Board visits Wausau

WAUSAU (WAOW) — The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board decided to hold their monthly meeting in Wausau for the month of August. Along with the meeting, the board also toured some areas in Wausau they had a hand in creating.

“I think it’s important that the Natural Resources Board get out and see the areas that the decisions they make affect,” said board chairperson Frederick Prehn.

The board members visited the Eastbay Sports Complex, the Wausau Curling Club and the Riverlife area. Prehn noted the sports complex is particularly interesting for it’s renovation from a dump site to a community sports complex.

Those involved in creating the sports complex said the area has a positive impact on the community. From events in 2018, the complex had an economic impact of $6,700,000 on the community.

The board also spent time along the river, touring some of the recent Riverlife development. Prehn said a partnership between municipalities and the board is important for creating that kind of community space.

“The job of the Natural Resource Baord and the DNR is to protect our wildlife and resources,” Prehn said. “The DNR has to be involved to make sure they protect that, but also increase economic development. So it’s a partnership that has to happen.”

The board’s official meeting will be held at the Jefferson Street Inn in Downtown Wausau on Wednesday starting at 8:30 a.m. Board members encourage the community to attend and voice their opinions and ideas.

Sarah McGrew

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