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Some Wisconsin DMV fees more than double on Oct. 1

Car fees across Wisconsin will skyrocket on Oct. 1.

Titling fees will more than double while registration fees are also going up.

The costs affect all drivers equally, regardless of the value of their car.

Some states charge staggered fees based on the car’s purchase price.

Juan Cervantes went to the Department of Motor Vehicles Monday to title and get plates for the late-90s Chevy pickup he just bought in Milwaukee.

Right now, it is $69.50 for a title and $75 for registration.

A new Wisconsin law increases that fee to $164.50 for a title and $100 for registration.

“It’s just outrageous,” he said. “We have to battle to drive the cars, have insurance, and you know, it’s just so much money.”

The Republican-controlled legislature installed the higher fees to pay for road projects.

Democratic Gov. Tony Evers wanted to raise the gas tax rather than DMV fees, but Republicans blocked it.

Critics contend the higher title and registration fees disproportionately affect poorer drivers.

“I would sooner see a little bit higher gas tax than what they’re doing,” Milwaukee driver Terry Schumacher said. “Because the gas tax more evens things out.”

He also pays a $50 wheel tax to Milwaukee County and the city for his ’93 Toyota.

Schumacher said higher state title and registration fees will really pinch his budget as a Walmart worker.

“I think it’s a little bit ridiculous. We’re already paying a wheel tax, registration fee, title fee,” he said.

It will cost the same to register an older car worth a few thousand dollars as it does a new car worth a $100,000 or more.

“Right now, it’s hard trying to feed a family, drive to work, go to the grocery store,” Milwaukee driver Jelaine Calvin said. “How can we make it?”

Fees for owning hybrid electric vehicles are also more than doubling.

The hybrid electric vehicle registration is increasing from $75 to $85.

But the DMV will also add a new $75 surcharge for hybrid electric vehicles.

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