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Merrill city council decides how to replace councilman who resigned

MERRILL (WAOW)– The Merrill city council met Tuesday to discuss the options to fill the vacant seat of District 6 alderperson David Sukow.

Sukow submitted his resignation to Mayor Derek Woellner on August 2.

He served on the city council for over a decade while also serving on several committees. He was one of five Merrill alderpersons involved in the recall election. He ran unopposed for his seat and stayed on the city council.

Now the city will give residents an opportunity to fill the open seat. There will be an add posted in the paper and on the city’s website and Facebook page.

Residents in District 6 can apply by sending in a resume or letter.

“Those will be included in a packet, we’ll have a committee of a whole meeting on Tuesday September 10 at that time anyone who submitted an application will be able to make a short presentation,” said Bill Heideman the city clerk for Merrill.

The deadline for applications is August 30.

Ben Zitouni

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