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Wisconsin Outdoors: Mountain-Bay Trail

With the seasons changing your opportunities to get out and hike are becoming limited so I figured for today’s Wisconsin Outdoors,  i’d introduce you to a trail with a lot of history that’s easy enough for the whole family to do.

That would be the Mountain-Bay trail, but before we get any further into that,  Bug spray… Trust me on this… Lots and lots of bug spray.

Ok… Once that is heavily applied, you are ready to take on 83 miles of what used to be a part of the Chicago and Northwestern railroad’s corridor that spanned from Rib mountain to Green Bay, hence how the trail got it’s name.

The former railway is one of the longest trails in the state and traverses 3 counties and goes through a variety of landscapes including farmland, forests and marshes which means you never know what you’ll find along the way.

Because it used to be an old rail way it is essentially a straight shot with little to no hills or turns which means that anyone of any age can give it a try.

There are also multiple ways to enjoy the trail which includes walking, horseback riding, biking and in winter snowmobiling.

So once you decide  decide how you want to take on the trail, the last decision you have to make is just how far you want to go.

Alex Stewart

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