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Wausau Board of Education votes to support retiring Native American Mascots

WAUSAU (WAOW)– The Wausau Board of Education has voted in favor of legislation requiring school districts to retire Native American mascots.

The resolution was drafted earlier this summer and has gained support throughout Wisconsin.

The resolution is on the Milwaukee Public Schools and Shorewood school districts’ agenda for this week. The Sun Prairie and Madison Area School Districts have also voted in favor of supporting the resolution.

Among the reasons listed on the proposed resolution, the continued use of of Native American mascots, symbols, images, logos and nicknames undermines the educational experiences of members of all communities. It creates a hostile learning environment for Native American students, that affirms negative stereotypes that are promoted in mainstream society.

“It’s typically not the districts that have them that are going to bring these efforts forward and when we’re talking about educational policy. It’s really a no brainer, you know. Why would we say that it’s ok to engage in that kind of cultural shaming essentially,” said Board of Education President Tricia Zunker.

It will now go before a resolution committee in January during the Wisconsin Association of School Boards convention.

Ben Zitouni

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