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Area breast cancer survivor gears up for Sunday’s More Than Pink Walk

WESTON (WAOW) — For Lori Swenson, getting up and putting on her shoes for her daily walk wasn’t the easiest task.

“I went through the neighborhood and, at first, it was a block or two. My legs were very achy,” Swenson said.

This is because a few months prior, she got the news that could change her life forever: A yearly mammogram turned out to be a stage one breast cancer diagnosis.

“I didn’t believe it I didn’t think it was possible,” she said.

At first, Swenson wasn’t going to follow up with more tests because her insurance wasn’t going to cover it. However, the Komen Wisconsin Breast Cancer Assistance stepped in to help fund the numerous tests that would follow.

“You have to declare what with cancer; you have to go to war with that,” Swenson said.

Swenson said she was ready for battle.

“As spring rolled around, I said, ‘I need an incentive. I am going to sign up for more than a pink walk’ and my whole family did,” Swenson said.

It was her way to give back to an organization that gave her so much.

“I walk over (Highway) 29 and as I walked up those blocks I noticed there was a street called Summit Avenue and I was like, ‘Yes! I made it to Summit Avenue,” she said.

When Swenson finishes her walks, she glances at the many butterfly displays she has around her house.

For her, they represent a new meaning of life.




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