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10-year-old sells lemonade to help replace mom’s stolen bike

A 10-year-old Milwaukee girl is raising money after her mother’s bike was stolen.

Josalyn Kebir decided to sell lemonade.

She set up shop Thursday and Friday at N. 1st Street and W. North Avenue.

“I’m selling dog treats, usually I have brownies or cupcakes or something like that,” she said. “Then I have lemonade, slime, soap and I made a pillow.”

Someone stole her mom’s bike from their front porch two weeks ago.

“We go everywhere on our bike, and it’s kind of hard to get around when she doesn’t have a bike,” she said.

Josalyn’s fundraising started slowly.

“I don’t know if $1 is too much for lemonade,” she said.

Then, one nice anonymous customer donated $100.

“The fact that she needed it, I remember when I needed stuff, people helped me,” Maurice Lampkins said.

Someone else gave Josalyn a $100 gift card.

“Now, I have the total amount to raise for my mom’s new bike, so I’m just so happy,” she said.

The community helped her reach her goal in just 30 minutes.

Josalyn and her mom said they’re planning on going bike riding this weekend.

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