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Raptor Education Group sees an increase in patients after storms

ANTIGO, Wis (WAOW)– The Raptor Education Group Inc(REGI) has been busy over the past few weeks as storms in the North Central Wisconsin region left many birds injured.

The organization has taken in everything from a ten week old bald eagle that was blown out of a tree by strong winds, to a great horned owl that was blown out of a tree and was stuck in a sap bucket leaving its feathers stuck together.

They have to clean the owl with oil to get the sap out and then bathe the owl with dish soap to get out the oil from its feathers.

“If you see something that looks injured or is out of place, get a cardboard box with a towel in the bottom, not a cage, and if you contain the bird in that box, call us and we’ll give you some direction as to what to do then. If you need help figuring out how to capture it, we can also do that and help kind you through that,” said Marge Gibson who is the executive director and founder of REGI.

The group currently has 582 patients in their care.

Ben Zitouni

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