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How to cut down on your waste with composting

Eau Claire (WQOW) – It’s the time of year when home gardens are starting to thrive and experts say getting cheap fertilizer is as easy as scraping your plate.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, composting food and yard waste could reduce the amount of garbage thrown away by 30 percent.

Andy Heren, with the Eau Claire Area Master Gardeners, said all you need to get started is a water source, a shovel, and a bin of any size. Heren said there are several different compost set-ups and all of them are easy and worth it to learn.

“One way of composting is to use a tumbler, but anything that’s not sitting on the ground you’d want to put a shovel of soil in there to get the decomposers and the microorganisms,” Heren said. “I just got a plastic garbage can, drilled holes in it and I could fill it with things, just flop it over and roll it around the yard.”

The EPA adds that fruits, vegetables, eggshells and coffee grounds all work well for composting, while dairy products, grease, and meats should all be avoided.

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ShirJia Bielefeld

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