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Legally blind Plover woman brings home silver at Taekwondo Nationals

For most, growing up legally blind could be seen as a road block, but Shawna Feist has learned to excel in whatever she chooses to do… including Taekwondo.

“It’s given me a lot of inspiration to go out and do other things in life that I didn’t think I could do,” Feist said.

Feist’s journey in the sport began about two years ago and she was a quick learner.

“I guess the only challenge that I really have with Taekwondo is balance and that’s because I can only see out of one eye so my depth perception is really off and it makes my balance really off,” Feist said. “I can pretty much see and copy whatever else is going on.”

Para-Poomsae has taken her to competitions all across North America; most recently, U.S. Nationals.

“Shawna’s performance couldn’t have been better,” Five Rings Martial Arts owner Stephen Decker said.

Her form in Poomsae was nearly flawless and she earned the silver medal.

“I was super proud of the way she presented herself,” Decker said. “The form that she did she nailed, the second time she did it was better than the first.”

Overcoming stage fright was a major accomplishment, but Feist hasn’t reached her peak yet.

“My goals are to rank up in belts and keep learning and growing as a person.”

Alexis Geffin

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