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Investigation into Oneida County Official cites lies and threats.

ONEIDA COUNTY, Wisc. (WAOW) — 200+ pages of newly released information from the Oneida County Sheriff’s department detail the investigation of John Bilogan, their Forestry Director.

The Investigation focuses on theft and misconduct in public office.

Reports from Detective Sergeant Chad Wanta show Bilogan told former owners of his property in Enterprise that they would never have a road built to their land. They show Bilogan threatened eminent domain and to “make things rough” until they signed over their land.

After acquiring the land, Bilogan used the county’s tractor and a wood chipper to clear Hillebrand road, leading to his property. According to the County Corporation Counsel, Bilogan also hired inmates from McNaughton Prison for labor on the road, saying the town of Enterprise would pay for it.

However, Jack Sorenson highlighted, “In the United States of America, a man is innocent until proven guilty.”

Sorenson is 1st Vice-Chair for the Oneida County Board and he said Bilogan’s next actions on Hillebrand Road were completely legal. “in my opinion, it was the county’s responsibility to clean up that property on county land,” he said.

But the portion of that road leading to Bilogan’s property is still made-up of dirt. The project has been tabled by the town of Enterprise.

“I found out about the investigation when I was contacted by the Oneida County Sheriff’s department and as a result of that I advised the board,” said Jon Sommer, Town Clerk for Enterprise. “…And the board just decided to table the issue until the investigation is completed.”

They made that decision in May and continue to hear the issue at each monthly meeting.

Charges for Bilogan have not been filed but the case has been assigned to Lincoln County’s District Attorney’s Office.


Tom Lally

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