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Father-daughter duo share special bond at Junior Championship

Caddies from all across Wisconsin and beyond are spending the week at Sentry World for the U.S. Girls’ Junior Championship, but two caddies in particular are getting a once in a lifetime opportunity.

The Bonikowske’s share a passion for golf.

“I’ve been golfing for 35 years and it’s a special thing to see my daughter pick up the game that I love,” caddie Scott Bonikowske said.

This week, the duo took father-daughter bonding to another level.

“It’s just fun being together,” Megan Bonikowske said.

Scott usually watches Megan play golf for SPASH, or the two compete in tournaments together, but caddying alongside one another at the Championship in Stevens Point was bucket-list worthy.

“At first she was debating whether she could do it and I encouraged her,” Scott said. Being apart of this, together, is a unique thing that’s for sure.”

Although Megan’s golfer did not make it to the next round, Scott’s did and Megan quickly went from being an only child, to having a sister.

“Jillian’s family, they are now family,” Megan said.

“Scott and Megan are honestly the best daddy-daughter duo ever,” U.S. Girls’ Junior Amateur Jillian Bourdage said. “They’ve been so sweet and kind to me. They are the most wonderful family out here and just treated me like I was one of their other daughters.”

It was an incredible chance to turn a tournament into a family affair.

Alexis Geffin

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