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BREAKING: Minocqua man gets life in prison for killing of wife

(WAOW) — A Minocqua man found guilty of first-degree intentional homicide of his wife was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday.

Robin Mendez was sentenced to life in prison Tuesday for the 1982 killing of his wife, Barbara, at Park City Credit Union where she worked.

The courtroom was full of emotion as family members made statements during the sentencing.

“Barb didn’t pass away,” Nancy Muth, Barbara’s sister said. “She was murdered and her murderer has been living a free life all of these years. No more.”

“He saw an opportunity and took it, and he killed her,” Christopher Wadas, husband to one of Barbara’s daughters said. “He’s been free long enough and as far as parole goes we would recommend no.”

“If the opportunity arrives for parole, to me my answer would be no,” Diane Blazaowski , Barbara’s sister said. “My sister doesn’t have a second chance at life, and as far as I’m concerned Bob has already had his parole.”

Judge Jill Falstad also had a lot to say during the sentencing.

“There is no more serious crime by law, and looking at the nature of this offense it was premeditated and planned,” Judge Falstad said. “Mr.Mendez got away with this heinous vicious murder for decades through lies and manipulation. This speaks to the defendants character, showing a man who is selfish and seemingly has no conscious.”

Mendez, with no expression on his face, was asked by the judge if he would like to comment after statements were made, but he simply shook his head no.

“The defendant Robin Mendez, for the murder of Barbara Mendez, is sentenced to life in prison.”

Mendez’s attorney asked the court to consider what prison he’s placed in because of his age and other serious health conditions.

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Chris Watkins

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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