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Young Wausau golfer makes the most of prestigious event

14 year-old Wausau native, Julia Engebretson wasn’t quite old enough to compete in this years U.S. Girls Junior Golf Championship, but she jumped at the chance to be a part of it.

“It’s more experience than anything,”  said Engebretson. “These girls are so amazing, like fabulous. I think it’s going to be cool in a few years seeing them turn into pro’s and then I can be like ‘hey, i helped them at the driving range.’ ”

In addition to assisting golfer on the driving range by filling  ball buckets and placing name plaques, Julia will also act as a walking scorer for a few rounds at the event..

Engebretson is just a few years into learning the game of golf, but as evidenced by the amount of trust she is given at such a high profile event, has picked everything up quickly.

“Julia is such a phenomenal young woman,” said Engebretson’s mentor and LPGA Golf Pro Katie Kreuser.

“It’s been fun over the last couple of years watching her go from never having touched a golf club to practicing weekly and having her own set of clubs and preparing to play on the high school team this fall. She’s just come so far.”

A big reason for Engebretson’s progression has been her willingness to make the most of the opportunities she’s given, with this event providing giving her, her greatest classroom yet.

While this is fun, it’s also a super good learning experience for me,” Engebretson said of the Championship. “I can (watch them) chip up and then see, ‘oh this is how they did it’ and then try that.”

Which is why working this event is like a dream come true.

“(It’s) amazing, literally so amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better experience.”

Alex Stewart

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