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Wisconsin Rapids hosts thousands for State Water Ski Championship

You might call it the Super Bowl of water skiing.

“This is the largest show water ski tournament in the world,” said Jordan Becker, a member of the Wisconsin Rapids Aqua Skiers team.

A total of 26 teams comprised of anywhere from 75-100 competitors will take to the waters of Lake Wazeecha this weekend.

“It’s incredible. This is my favorite show, as a skier, this is my favorite show to do during the year,” Becker said.

Three divisions compete over four days. Each division winner is the one who puts on the best hour long show for crowds that will swell to the thousands.

The tournament is a huge deal for the Wisconsin Rapids Aqua Skiers, who not only host the event, but spend an entire year planning and prepping for it.

“We all work together really well. It’s just one of those things. We set up all week as a team, we ski as a team, and we get to see a lot of people that come into town that we know through the skiing community, so it’s a lot of different things all at one,” said Jason Sachs, another Aqua Skiers team member.

There’s little doubt the event is the pride of Wisconsin Rapids.  It’s one that does so much for the area.

“So pretty incredible that we host it here in Central Wisconsin, here in Wisconsin Rapids. It’s a huge bragging rights for our community. Economically, it’s huge for our community. This tournament has 26 teams this year, so we’re completely maxed out. So the number of people that travel from all over the state is pretty incredible,” Becker said.

The tournament continues all day Saturday and Sunday.

Brad Hanson

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