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‘Stop the Bleed’ campaign comes to Lincoln county

MERRILL(WAOW) — The Merrill Fire Department, in partnership with the Lincoln County Health Department, brings ‘Stop the Bleed’ to the area teaching techniques for the bystanders in emergency situations.

Stop the bleed is a national awareness campaign to help train and provide proper tools to those helping in bleeding emergencies until first responders arrive.

In most medical emergencies, every second counts, and a trained community member in ‘Stop the Bleed’ techniques, could make all the difference.

The program came to the county from a grant given out by the CDC. Merrill Fire now has staff certified to teach the training sessions to the public.

The sessions go over how to stop bleeding using the ABC’s.

First Alert authorities, then find and expose Bleeding, lastly control by Compression.

The training lasts one hour allowing for hands-on experience, because practice makes perfect.

“Sports teams do the same thing too. Why do they run those plays over and over in practice? Well, when they get out in the game, its second nature. They’ve done it a hundred times before. So, that’s really the same thing with the training,” said Chief Josh Klug, Merrill Fire Department.

And in central Wisconsin first responders may have a longer than normal travel time, depending on location, so knowing the technique can only help.

“We still could have a long response time based on the geography. You can only drive so fast and the roads are only so straight,” said Klug.

The kits include a tourniquet, trauma gauze, gloves, shears, and survival blanket.

At first the kits will be given out to first responders, but Merrill Fire hopes to eventually have one in all government buildings.

The training sessions are free and are available local groups and businesses.

To arrange a session contact Chief Josh Klug at (715) 536-2233.



Chase McNamara

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