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Local farmers are focused on keeping their livestock cool during the heat wave

WAUSAU Wis. (WAOW) — Weather isn’t always on the side of a farmer, especially here in Central Wisconsin. When it comes to livestock, keeping them cool in the summer and warm in the winter is top of mind for local farmers.

“Really during this time of the year when its hot farmers are striving to cool them down by turning on the barn fans” Heather Schessler, Agriculture Educator for UW-Madison.

Sam Zimmermann, a local farmer said shade and air conditioning are vital to keeping cows productive and making milk. Once the cows are milked they head back to the barn where the fans are on full and the doors are completely open to let air flow freely and keep the cattle cool. “we have fans in this barn that keep good air movement in here…so not only are they super comfortable they also are still productive” said Sam Zimmermann, owner and operator of On-Q Holstines LLC.

A concern also comes when farmers are transporting their animals to local fairs. Schessler said, “you’re cramping them up into a trailer which caused their body heat to you know basically exacerbate each other”

But there is a solution for those transporting livestock. “Making sure that during the fair season that you’re moving the animals at the early hours of the day to the fairgrounds so its cooler but even though it’s going to be a bigger pain, not filling them as full,” said Schessler.

Taking proper precautions for different weather could keep your livestock living longer.

Amanda Lojewski

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