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USDA offers pet safety tips after dog killed by wolf in Wood Co.

TOWN OF HANSEN (WAOW) — USDA Wildlife Services officials responded to a Wood County residence Monday, where a family dog was killed by a wolf, according to the organization.

Officials tell News 9 that they are unsure if more than one wolf attacked and killed the 65-pound mixed breed dog, but did advise owners to take added care in protecting their pets from potential wolf attacks.

Recommendations include avoiding outside bathroom breaks for your dog after dark,and using bright lights and making noise if you have to take your dog out when it is dark. Officials add to ensure your dog is trained to avoid chasing or approaching wild animals, and is able to return on command.

Other recommendations include:

This marks the second Wood County wolf attack confirmed by the USDA in the past week. 13 sheep were killed by wolves on July 8.

Chris Watkins

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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