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Board breaking seminar instills confidence in kids

Taekwondo is a great opportunity to learn discipline, self defense and focus.

In Korea, they started making everyone take Taekwondo across the board and their academics shot way up,” grand master Nathan Halama said. “We don’t just say focus, we teach you how to focus.”

That’s why Halama’s Martial Arts hosts board breaking seminars for kids; some already happen to be black belts.

You kind of build your way up until you get there,” 12-year-old black belt Tori Halama said.

The most recent seminar gave students of GD Jones Elementary School something to work at.

Anytime we can get into a school and we don’t think we have enough time, we like to do this sort of thing,” Nathan said.

If kids are worried about having troubles in school, board breaking can be that solution.

School is coming up, so I have had some people come to me and tell me they’re already worried about being bullied or picked on, so anybody we can get to come and help with that stuff is always the goal,” Nathan said.

Board breaking isn’t so easy, but once the kids get the hang of it, they are exuding confidence.

Alexis Geffin

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