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Area farm owner discovers his livestock killed by wolves

WOOD COUNTY, Wis. (WAOW) — Ray Calaway went out to his pasture on Monday morning for a routine check on his 14 sheep. What he discovered was something he said he will never forget.

Ray discovered that several of his sheep had been killed. After contacting the DNR, it was determined that 13 of his sheep were killed by a pack of wolves.

“It was traumatic,” Ray Calaway said. “I only found one out of 14 ewes alive. 13 laying on the pasture dead. It was an act of joy. It wasn’t an act of I’m hungry I need something to eat.”

Since wolves are an endangered species in Wisconsin, farmers aren’t allowed to kill a wolf that’s attacking their livestock. However, Ray and his wife Barbara are hoping their endangered status will change soon. They’re also urging other farmers who are dealing with the same issue to contact the DNR about a request to have the wolves removed from the endangered list.

Ray and his wife Barbara mentioned that they’ve been raising sheep since the ’90s, and the group of sheep they lost was one they’ve raised since the sheep were little. They said it feels like they’ve lost family or kids.

“We just don’t even know where we should go from here,” Barbara Calaway said. “It just really has torn our heart out I guess.”

“You see them seven days a week, it’s the same as you see your children,” Ray stated. “How can you put a price tag on that.”

The Calaways worry that replacing the sheep will only lead to more wolf attacks, but again they’re pushing for the endangered status to change.

Back in May, a Price County farmer lost forty sheep in a wolf attack.

Rashad Williams

News 9 Reporter

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