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Water Walkers ‘wow’ Central Wisconsin in weekly show

The Central Wisconsin Water Walkers ski shows have quickly become a Thursday and Sunday summer staple.

“My favorite part about skiing is just the way you do it…how you enjoy it,” 10-year-old skier Adeline Judd said.

Skiers of all ages participate in the shows.

“The youngest skier is four-years-old…the oldest is 53-years-old,” Show Director Janelle Gokey said.

Each show is unique in its own way.

“Each act is something a little different and it’s really great. The entire audience can connect to it and it’s really nostalgic,” Gokey said.

The Water Walkers take pride knowing they are inclusive to everyone.

“There is a role for everybody,” announcer Maddie Weiland said. “This team wouldn’t be able to function if we didn’t have big guys to carry all the little girls around and medium sized girl to do ballet line. You need such a wide array of people to make this work.”

It literally takes a village to put on a show. More than 100 members make up the team; most have family members involved.

“There are different sports where the parents just sit on the sidelines and just get to work, but with this, the entire family is involved and to me that was really special being right on the water right alongside my dad all the time,” Gokey said.

If you can’t ski, community members are encouraged to pull up a towel or lawn chair and watch all the action unfold.

The Water Walkers perform on Lake DuBay Thursdays at 6:30 p.m. and head to Lake Wausau every Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

Alexis Geffin

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