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Central Wisconsin Golf Card: Plum Lake Golf Course

In the town of Sayner, about 20 minutes north of Minocqua, sits the oldest nine hole course in Wisconsin: Plum Lake Golf Course.

“It’s a gem. It’s a must see, must do at least once a year,” said general manager Shawn Savel.

Normally we let the people like Savel do the bragging about their own course, but Savel wanted someone else to do it.

We found Milwaukee resident Kathy Lau, who was on vacation and gave Plum Lake a try.

“Come to Plum Lake. If you’re up here to fish and you just want to play nine holes and get it done in two and a half, three hours, it’s great. There’s no hurry up and wait. Everyone’s really friendly, and it’s well manicured. It’s beautiful,” said Lau.

It may be just a nine hole course, but Savel says it offers plenty of challenges.

“The rolling terrain on the fairways is very unique. Not many courses come close to the terrain on our fairways. Small greens, which require good shot making. And just overall the aesthetic of the golf course. We take pride in what we do maintenance wise,” he said.

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Brad Hanson

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