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Snowmelt contest – list of winners

It was a big year for the snowmelt contest. Nearly 3,000 people entered. Cool and cloudy weather for a lot of the Spring and early Summer allowed the snow to stick around longer than normal. It was the third latest snowmelt in the contest’s history. It finally melted on June 29th. Take a look at the big list of people who correctly predicted the winning date. A drawing was held on Thursday July 4th to determine the top 5 prize winners and they were:

1st place: Ann Tom ($250 R-store gift card + free car washes for a year)
2nd place: Mary Ann Pesl ($150 R-store gift card)
3rd place: Stacy Kaufman ($100 R-store gift card)
4th place: Jill Simon ($50 R-store gift card)
5th place: Steve Hawley ($25 R-store gift card)

Those who were not drawn in the top 5 receive a consolation prize of a basic car wash coupon from the R-store)

Prizes will be mailed out within the next week.

Al Walters
Stacy Kaufman
Pat Fronek
Beth Hager
Rita Esser
Lavern Libke
Jill Simon
Jacki Fassler
Deb Sell
Joleen Zychowicz
David Ackerman
Amanda Rogers
Allen Kropp
Ashley Hedtke
John Worring
Brian Newton
Jean Rolnecki
Nadine Appel
Rebecca Hinner
Arnie Butkiewicz
Brain Napiwocki
Julie Waterman
Lonnie Marek
Laurie Agema
Jeannie Henaman
Polly Hagedorn
Mary Kolodziej
Katie Schneider
Paul Thomas
Amber Cherek
John Allard
Ann Tom
Laurie Cook
Mary Ann Pesl
Sandra Warrington
Richelle Fleming
Richard Schmidt
Lynn Sockza
Evelyn Schneider
Cecelia McCarthy
Josh Spencer
Mark Milne
Beverly Scott
Amy Riggs
Helen Champine
Jim Gilge
Mary Stankowski
Janet Cornwell
Dean Jensen
Christina Mitchell
Steve Hawley
Sara Lange
John Meurett
Pamela Janicki
Trish Brundidge

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