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Bear bait spill shuts down Marathon City intersection

MARATHON CITY (WAOW) — A barrel that fell off the back of a truck and spilled onto a street shut down a Marathon City intersection Thursday.

First responders received a call at 2 pm for a barrel with a unknown chemical that fell of a truck heading south on Highway 107.

As a result, the chemical started running down the street and into the storm drains. The Marathon City Fire Department responded along with the police department that closed off the street.

Once contact was made with the truck driver, the chemical was identified as bear bait — a mixture of root beer and water. The fire department then sprayed off the street.

“Once we determined what the chemical was, we didn’t have to contact hazmat or anything — we were able to just spray it off. We opened up the storm drain and ran it right into the river, and it’ll be dissipated by the river water,” Marathon City village administrator Andy Kurtz said.

The road was back open within a half-hour. The driver of the truck that lost the barrel will receive a bill for the cost of clean up.

Ben Zitouni

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