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Abandoned kittens found in Stratford dumpster

STRATFORD Wis. (WAOW) — Four kittens were found abandoned in an empty dumpster Thursday morning in Stratford.

The kittens appeared to be from the same litter and are around 2-3 months old.

The owner of C & M Crossroads found the kittens, saying they weren’t there at midnight and were likely dropped off in the early morning hours. She reached out to local law enforcement, but they were unable to help.

“I had to get a step ladder and climb up in the dumpster. We got them in a box, then got them out and to a good home within two hours,” said Christine Pemble, owner of C & M Crossroads.

Pemble also said “nobody learned anything from the puppies in Marshfield in the dumpster.”

Pemble was glad she found the kittens before it was too late, especially with the heat index.

All four kittens are safe and could be up for adoption in the near future.

Amanda Lojewski

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