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MillerCoors unveils new, eco-friendly six-pack beer rings

MillerCoors is taking another step towards a plastic-free world with their newest product, a fiber, eco-friendly six-pack beer ring.

The recyclable, biodegradable and compostable six-pack beer rings are currently only being used in Colorado. The MillerCoors craft brewer, AC Golden, has the fiber rings on their Colorado Native beer.

However, a spokeswoman for MillerCoors said if the trial run goes well, the fiber rings could be available here in Milwaukee soon.

“Plastic’s easy. That’s why we see it everywhere,” said Kim Marotta, senior director of sustainability for MillerCoors. “Creating that change, creating that awareness and new ways and alternatives will have people think a little differently, but certainly act more positively.”

Marotta said the fiber, eco-friendly beer rings will not be cheaper to make. However, she said if they help the environment, the extra expense will be worth it for MillerCoors.

“Having a positive impact on the environment is critical, and if you look at it even more broadly, our consumers, our stakeholders, our employees, our shareholders, they expect it of us,” Marotta said.

Customers at Discount Liquor in Milwaukee told WISN 12 News they would likely buy more canned beer if there was a non-plastic beer ring option.

“I normally drink all my stuff out of glass bottles because everything is recyclable,” Keith Werner said.

However, Marie Greguska, Discount Liquor’s owner, said she worries about the eco-friendly product standing up to its plastic counterparts.

“Once the product gets wet, will the moisture affect the cardboard, [making] it weak and the cans will fall out,” said Greguska. “Eliminating the plastic, I am fully in favor of. However, they need to replace it with something that is as sturdy.”

There is no current timeline for when the fiber rings will be available in Milwaukee. MillerCoors said it all depends on how they do in Colorado first.

Chris Watkins

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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