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Summer Zoo Camp brings kids behind-the-scenes

Minocqua (WAOW)—- ‘Wildwood Wildlife Park Zoo & Safari’s’ summer camp gives kids the ability to get up-close and personal with animals.

Each day at the camp is dedicated to a certain animal group. Campers will learn, interact, and make crafts associated with each animal.

Monday was reptiles, Tuesday is mammals, Wednesday is insects, and Thursday is birds.

One special task they get to participate in is helping feed the brand new Black-footed African Penguins.

A major component of the camp is to give little ones a new outlook on wildlife.

“They appreciate the animals that much more, being able to see them in their actual habitat and that kind of thing. Learning more about it than just walking through the zoo,” said Kimberlyn Domaszek, Education Coordinator and Office Assistant at Wildwood Wildlife Park.

Many of the creatures in the park are in animal management programs, because they are considered endangered. This allows the park to highlight the importance of each critter .

“If you see them up close and personal they will appreciate them and we need that in the world to keep these animals around,” said Judy Domaszek, Park Director at Wildwood Wildlife Park.

Another new exhibit at the park is the Siamangs, whose howls can be heard throughout the park.

This is the last camp of the summer, but the park plans to continue bringing it back.

It’s for ages six to nine, and takes groups of no more than 15 kids.

For more information on the park, and how you can experience the new exhibits, click here.


Chase McNamara

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