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Wisconsin Outdoors: Firework Safety

According to the National Fire Protection Association, every year nearly 17,000 outdoor fires are started because fireworks are mishandled.

That’s why I wanted to dedicate this Wisconsin Outdoors to teaching people how to properly light fireworks so we can try and help nature stays healthy and beautiful.

“A lot of the things with fireworks is just common sense,” said Tony Bamke, General Manager of Fireworks Country in Wittenberg.

Bamke has made a career of selling fireworks, lighting fireworks and putting on professional firework shows. In other words, he blows things up for a living, which means he has a pretty good idea of how to responsibly have fun on the fourth from start to finale.

The first tip Bamke gave for having a safe experience on the Fourth of July, or whenever you’re lighting fireworks is the placement of your fireworks.

“You wanna keep your distance,” Bamke said. “Rule of thumb, for every inch of shell, you should have about 70 feet from people and buildings (and), you always want to put it on a hard level surface”

After you’ve found an appropriate spot for your keg of patriot powder, Bamke suggests that next you do little prep work.

“I always tell everybody to put two cement blocks by it, or brick it up. (Also), have a pail of water (nearby).”

The final step Bamke suggests before you start the show, is make sure you protect yourself as well.

“You always want to wear your safety glasses and ear protection,” said Bamke.

Once everything is set and safe, light her up and let freedom ring!

Finally, after your firework is done, make sure that you dowse it with water and let it sit before safely disposing it in a safe location.

It’s always fun blowing stuff up, but always be mindful of your surroundings and remember safety always comes first.

Now get out there and have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

Alex Stewart

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