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Badgercare expansion “Day of Action” held in Wausau

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — Badgercare expansion rallies took place across Wisconsin Monday, including one in Wausau.

Supporters gathered at the 400 block as part of the statewide event. It was organized by the Citizen Action of Wisconsin group.

They aim to convince state representatives to support a large medicaid expansion in the state’s 2019 budget.

The joint finance committee voted Governor Tony Evers’ $1.6 billion expansion plan down in May. A smaller-scale Badgercare expansion is currently on the table for the state assembly and senate to vote on.

Supporters at the Wausau rally said a large-scale expansion is a must.

“This is a common sense approach to try to capture those federal dollars,” said Marathon County Board member John Robinson. “To expand access and to improve quality of life.”

Lincoln County Board member Paul Gilk, who was also at the Wausau rally, says his county has shown support for expansion in recent years.

“The citizens have voted overwhelmingly,” said Lincoln County Board member Paul Gilk. “Not only in Lincoln County, but in other counties around the state for this Medicaid expansion. And obviously the legislators are, needless to say, not listening.”

The state assembly is scheduled to vote on the state budget Tuesday.

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