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WIAA approves new rules for winter sports

The WIAA Board of Control passed several new rules for winter sports at their June meeting Thursday.

One of the biggest most discussed changes was allowing basketball teams to schedule 24 games instead of 22, which would allow them to stay active during the down time of the holiday seasons.

“I think the just of it is the coaches interest in taking part in more than one holiday tournament,” WIAA Director of Communications Todd Clark said.

“Because you’ve got the Thanksgiving holiday and then you have the Christmas holiday and the thought of more games is allowing them to play tournaments during those periods where school is not in session,” Clark said.

Overtime hockey rules are also getting a makeover.

Should a game go to overtime the teams will rest three minutes before an eight minute sudden death overtime period is played. If there is still no winner they will resurface the ice during a 15 minute break, after which the two teams will engage in a 17 minute sudden death overtime period. The process will continue until there is a winner.

“I think it’s a timing thing,” Clark said. “Getting the maximum amount of playing time in without having to resurface and then come back so it’s a time saving measure, and [it’s] a rest measure for the student athletes.

For the full list of the changes made visit the WIAA website at

Alex Stewart

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