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The mini mudder mile had a special meaning for some Wisconsin Rapids girls

ROME Wis. (WAOW) The annual mini mudder mile kicked off Saturday afternoon in Rome with rain, mud and fun.

“I think we had about 250 mini mudders that came through and the kids are coming out, getting to know the facility, the acreage and the jumps” said Scott Dickman the President of Tri-Norse Ski Club.

Though they say it can seem intimidating, “they want to have someone to do it with them so sometimes they’ll do the obstacle on their own” said Adam Coyer from Nekoosa.

Some strong girls drew the line between obstacles along the course and at school.”Today we want to let anyone that’s been bullied here know that they’re not alone,” said Delaney Nelson of Wisconsin Rapids.

Proudly marching through the mud with their bright pink anti-bullying t-shirts to remind people to, “think about it,” said Abbygail Stewart of Wisconsin Rapids.

“If you have bullied someone that’s wrong, you’re treating someone wrong and you shouldn’t do it” said Stewart.

These girls said they want you to remember the importance of standing up for the little guys and girls so that events in and outside of school can stay positive.

Amanda Lojewski

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