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Area law enforcement offer support to Wood County Sheriff

WOOD COUNTY, Wisc. (WAOW) — Wood County Sheriff Shawn Becker said the department is focusing on the mental health of their deputies following a fatal shooting Tuesday that left a deputy injured.

Recalling the shooting, Sheriff Becker said, “It’s a phone call that you dread getting.” But when that call came, so did support. “Every agency that had people available came to help,” said Becker.

That includes Marshfield police officers, who waited with the shot deputy in the hospital. “We wanted to make sure that the deputy knew we were there in support of him,” said Rick Gramza, the Chief of Police for the city of Marshfield.

Gramza said the air felt thick, “you’re at a medical center and you’re grieving and you’re angry and you’re sad.”

Following the incident, Gramza said there will be a crisis debrief for all personnel involved, from nurses to dispatch and even the deputies on administrative leave. With psychologists on-scene, Gramza said it will be an opportunity for people to process the shooting.

In the wake of that shooting, first responders from across Wood County – and even the Midwest – shared their condolences with Sheriff Becker and his department.

Sheriff Becker expressed in thanks for those heartfelt messages and offered one of his own. “Our condolences go out to the family that lost a loved one who was struggling. We understand that,” he said.

News 9 has reached out to that family and in their mourning, they declined to comment.

The next development in this case will come from the Department of Justice, once they complete their investigation.

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