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Fundraiser held for Weston bar shooting victim

WAUSAU(WAOW)– A fundraiser was held at Crossroads County Market for Dylan Worthen who was shot twice last month.

Dylan Worthen was at Big Dan and Space’s Kelly Club in May when he was shot.

Dylan who is a vendor and makes regular stops at Crossroads County Market for his job left a good impression on management at the store.

“He’s a member of our vendor community he’s a delivery driver to our store here, hard worker decent guy. We’ve done this for other people in the past too when they’ve come upon hard times or medical expenses, we’ve helped them out the same way,” said Bruce Pecha the fundraiser organizer and also the liquor manager at the store.

Another fundraiser for Dylan will be held Saturday June 29 at Trailside Sports Bar and Grill in Weston. It will start at 3:00 pm.


Ben Zitouni

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