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Facebook’s new blood donation tool aiming to draw in more donors

(WAOW)- It will be easier to donate blood with a new Facebook tool just released Wednesday.

Facebook isn’t just for connecting with old friends anymore.

The social media platform’s new feature can let you sign up to be a blood donor.

Medical officials say every two seconds someone in the U.S. needs a blood transfusion.

However, the supply doesn’t always meet the demand.

“People just don’t think about donating blood that’s why we are always looking for new donors,” said Wendy Savage the executive director of the American Red Cross- North Central Chapter.

“Three out of 100 people donate blood and we just need more donors,” said Savage.

Savage said the long harsh Wisconsin winter made it tough to draw in donors.

“We want to make sure people don’t have to make the choice to delay any kind of treatment we want to make sure people have what they need,” Savage said.

Savage is hopeful Facebook’s new feature will make it easier for people to donate.

If you are looking to sign up as a donor all you have to do is go on your “about” section on Facebook.

Then you can sign up to be a donor and receive notifications about local blood drives.

“Facebook is doing a great thing for increasing the need for the blood transfusion and it’s going to reach a new generation of folks,” said Sarah Steen the trauma program director for Aspirus.

Steen sees first hand the how crucial the need for blood is.

“The number one reason why trauma patients die is hemorrhage and what replaces that best and can save a life is giving them blood,” Steen said.

She said they are always looking for new donors.

However, the “O” blood group is needed the most.

Anyone in the country can sign up for blood donation notifications on Facebook.

As of now it will only show blood drives needed in big metropolitan areas and Chicago is one of them.

It is expected to be in Wisconsin in a few months.


Victoria Saha

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