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Marshfield store opened in honor of murdered daughter set to close

MARSHFIELD (WAOW)- Cierra Hardrath always wanted to open a consignment shop with her mom Nicole Ledin.

However, those plans changed when Cierra was murdered last year.

Despite the hardships, Nicole knew she had to make Cierra’s dream come true, even if it meant doing it without her beloved daughter.

That’s when Three Sisters Boutique became a reality.

“It got me moving like my husband wanted. It got me back on my feet and stayed in the community,” Nicole said.

In fact, most of the store has things with Cierra’s touch, such as pops of her favorite color, lime green.

However, the sentiment isn’t enough to keep the store from closing.

“We would have foot traffic of probably 25 a day to absolutely no traffic,” Nicole said. “We have had too many days of zero sales.”

Nicole said the long winter had a huge impact on the store’s income.

But the proud mom isn’t looking at the store’s closing as a failure, but rather as a purpose fulfilled.

“It kept her on the tip of everyone’s tongue. It helped everybody heal because she was loved by so many,” Nicole said.

There is good news. The Three Sisters brand will still live on.

Nicole will be setting up pop up tents with a new look on Three Sisters Boutique.

“The Upgrade for Three Sisters will be a joint venture between my best friend and I.  Together we have lost three daughters,” Nicole said.

Proceeds from each sale will go to charities in honor of their daughters.

The first pop up tent shop will be the weekend of August 15 in Rozellville.

The boutique store in Marshfield will be closing it’s doors by June 30.

Victoria Saha

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