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Local Frank Lloyd Wright design up for auction

WAUSAU, Wis. (WAOW) — Designs from a historic Wausau home are up for auction online for thousands of dollars.

The hand-drawn Frank Lloyd Wright plans are for the kitchen “workspace” of the house, located on Grand Avenue. The iconic architect designed that house and another in Wausau., the auction website, estimates the value of the signed design at over $8,000.

Frank Lloyd Wright designed the building for Duey and Julia Wright, who were not related to the architect. It was constructed in 1958. Duey and Julia’s family later converted the building into a corporate office for Midwest Communications.

Employees there say they didn’t know the kitchen design existed. Duke Wright, son of Duey and Julia, said the same Tuesday.

“I can say I haven’t. I’ve never heard of it before,” said Wright. “But, as I said earlier, it doesn’t surprise me that there’s tons of interest in it.”

Wright is the CEO for Midwest Communications. He added that he hopes the building stays in family-hands forever.

Local historians say these kind of auctions can generate international interest.

“The significance of this is that, of course, Frank Lloyd Wright throughout Wisconsin, throughout the nation and internationally really is a very noted, respected and valuable architect,” said Gary Gisselman, who works at the Marathon County Historical Society. “Renderings, architectural plans, houses… Everything like that becomes very valuable to the right collector. The hobbyist, the person who really is interested in the architectural history of Frank Lloyd Wright.”

The bid amount on the design as of Tuesday evening was $2,967 dollars.

Curtis Aderholdt

A WAOW photo journalist since December 2014.

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