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Lieutenant Governor tours Medford dairy farm

MEDFORD (WAOW)– Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes toured a dairy farm in Medford to learn about sustainable farming and the Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship program.

Barnes toured Legacy Grass Dairy farm and learned more about the program designed to help curb the decline of dairy farms throughout the U.S.

The apprenticeship consists of 4,000 hours of training over two years. Of those hours, 3,712 are employment and mentoring under an approved Master Dairy Grazier. The other 288 hours are related instruction designed to enhance on-farm training.

“I want to be sure that we look at an industry that many say is dying but also see the opportunity to create new solutions that would benefit not just the generation of farmers and farming communities and rural communities that exist today, but those that will exist in the future,” said Barnes.

The apprenticeship program started in Wisconsin and is now in thirteen states with over 170 farm used.

Ben Zitouni

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