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UPDATE: Officials say Schofield fire caused by ashes

Schofield (WAOW) — Crews responded to a fire at a home in Schofield Sunday afternoon. With numerous departments on the scene crews were able to put out the flames and smoke.

All residents were able to make it out of the house safely but unfortunately the pets did not. Officials say a Saturday night fire is to blame. They say the residents thought the ashes were out and threw them in a trash can, it then went up in flames spreading to the home.

A neighbor said that when she first saw the flames she ran and grabbed her outdoor hose and was able to contain the flames until first responders arrived on the scene.

“I was working behind the garage and all of the sudden I saw a plume of black smoke come up and that’s when I called 911. The back of the house was already and probably with less than five minutes the whole thing went up” said Cecil Wold, neighbor.

Fire fighters were trying everything they could to get the smoke under control, even cutting into the roof using a chainsaw.

We are still waiting to learn if the house is at all livable.

Courtney Terlecki

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