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Wisconsin middle schooler’s artwork could be featured on Google’s homepage

(WISN) — A Kettle Moraine student could have her artwork featured on Google’s homepage for a day and win thousands of dollars if she gets enough votes.

Ella Hannes, a 7th grader at Kettle Moraine Middle School, submitted her artwork to the 11th annual “Doodle for Google” competition. The nationwide contest chooses from thousands of art pieces submitted from students around the country, grades K-12. The winner has their piece featured as Google’s logo replacement for one day.

Hannes’ artwork was chosen as the winner from Wisconsin. She now needs to beat the other finalists from around the country.

If her artwork gets the most votes online, Hannes could also win a $30,000 scholarship and $50,000 for Kettle Moraine Middle School.

“I went through a lot of themes and I tried to think outside the box with this one,” Hannes said.

The theme for this year’s “Doodle for Google” contest was to finish the following sentence:

“When I grow up, I hope…”

Hannes drew a puzzle, full of multi-color puzzle pieces and titled it “We All Fit In.”

“I said that when I grow up, I want everyone to feel like they have a place,” Hannes said. “I chose the puzzle pieces because it really shows that everyone fits somewhere.”

“I feel like so many people today just try to fit in whats popular whats cool and I really want them to find a place where they can be themselves,” said Hannes.

To vote, go to “Doodle for Google” website and choose Hanes’ age group, grades 6-7, then click on Wisconsin.

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