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Wisconsin’s new way to lure in more people into the education profession

WAUSAU Wis. (WAOW) Online teacher certifications is one way the badger state is trying to get more people into the profession. But Wisconsin is no stranger to teacher shortages.

Jill Literski was certified the traditional way but now she’s guiding others through an alternative path.

For the past year she’s been representing the American Board program by hosting informational meetings across the region.

“I mean we are so short of teachers that I understand why they they want the route of trying to  make it more accessible” said Dawn Whitsett, a teacher at D.C. Everest Senior High School.

Wisconsin is the first state to partner with a non-profit program giving potential teachers certifications online with the hopes to make things easier and more convenient.

“We need to get them in the school working so whatever route it takes to get you there I’m all for it” said Literski.

The American Board is the only online program the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction accepts as an alternative path toward teacher certifications.

“That would be a real concern for me as a teacher hiring someone that didn’t have that classroom student teaching experience” said Whitsett.

“Without a program like this, there are a lot of talented people and a lot of people who know kids or work with kids who just don’t have time to deviate their lives for two years and go back to school” said Literski.

But the traditional way of getting your certificate is more effective to some.”I wouldn’t have traded the way I received my certification even if it shortened my time or got me my license earlier” said Whitsett.

However Literski disagrees “This is the way it is, this is 2019, and we need to move on and move up to what today asks us to do.”

Amanda Lojewski

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