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#WINsconsin: Winning $500,000 Crossword ticket sold at Schofield Kwik Trip

(WAOW) — This past weekend was a good one in the world of Wisconsin Lottery, as three top prizes were claimed — including one in Schofield.

According to a release from the Wisconsin Lottery, the top prize of the $500,000 Crossword game was purchased at the Schofield Kwik Trip located at 5603 Business Hwy 51 south.

Additionally, the Wisconsin Lottery’s newest lotto game, All or Nothing, made history this weekend, when one lucky player matched all 11 numbers to win the $100,000 top prize. That winning ticket was sold at the KLwik Trip in Oconomowoc.

In case you’re wondering about the likelihood — or lack thereof — of matching all 11 numbers to win All or Nothing, they are 1 in 705,432; odds of winning the $500,000 Crossword, meanwhile, provide significantly higher hopes at 1 in 106,607

This marked the fourth top prize winner since the game’s launch in April, the release said.

Top prizes were also claimed in the $100,000 Large and Money Tree ($54,000) games. $100 Large has one remaining top prize, while Money Tree has two, per the release.



Chris Watkins

Social Media & Digital Content Manager

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