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New bill in Madison would provide aid to volunteer fire fighters

CENTRAL WISCONSIN(WAOW)— The “B.R.A.V.E. Act’ in Wisconsin legislature hopes to create tax credits to help provide the support to volunteer firefighters across the state.

In Wisconsin more than 90 percent of registered fire departments are either considered volunteer or mostly volunteer according to the US Fire Administration.

The B.R.A.V.E. Act would also create incentives to help retain volunteer services Wisconsin desperately needs..

“Our men and women that volunteer their time, often times, are taking time away from their own families. Going out on holidays, wee hours of the night, to help people at their worst possible time,” said Wisconsin Senator Patrick Testin, District 24.

Testin is one of the coauthors of the bill, and sees the need to attract more to volunteer services due to an aging volunteer population. He points to the the average of volunteers being close to 60 years old.

The bill currently has bi-partisan support and Testin hopes to get the bill on Governors desk soon


Chase McNamara

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