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Area teacher upset by racially charged incident with students

Wisconsin Rapids, Wisc. (WAOW) — A Spanish teacher at Assumption Catholic School said an incident on Thursday was her turning point.

Olga Meza is a Spanish teacher and first-generation American. She said her parents came from Mexico, she was born in Chicago, and she grew up in Wisconsin. Now, she’s a proud mother of two.

On Thursday, Meza walked into her classroom at Assumption Catholic School to see photos of Donald Trump plastered across the room and the phrase “you’re fired” on the whiteboard. She said they also changed the screens on 22 different iPads to show Trump’s face.

Meza said she was using flour to make paper mache pinatas in class. She said students dumped the flour down a heating vent and destroyed a pinata.

School Administration called it a “senior prank.”

Meza said, “I mean, I don’t even have any seniors… and they have so much hate against me and I don’t understand why.”

She furthered, it’s not the first time Mr. Trump has been brought up in the classroom. She said students often quote the president in class.

“They say Mexicans are criminals and all Mexicans are drug dealers and I was like that’s not true,” she said. “I’m a Mexican American, my parents are from Mexico and they didn’t come here to do that, they taught us.”

Meza said as soon as other teachers at the school heard about what happened, they offered support. “They actually offered to clean the room up because they felt horrible,” she said.

Assumption Catholic School president Daniel Minter told news nine that they had no comment.


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