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Decline in honey production in Wisconsin

WAUPACA (WAOW)-  Wisconsin bee keepers are seeing a drastic decline in honey production.

However, they are still optimistic as they head into summer.

Now that the weather is warming up, the bees are finally able to come out and work hard to make honey.

“In Wisconsin the last year in particular it was a bad year,” said Kent Piegorsch the President of Wisconsin Honey Producers Association.

Piegorsch said the harsh long winter didn’t do any good for his bees.

“2018 was my poorest year as a bee keeper for the last 43 years, but I think it was kind of a poor year across the state consistently,” said Piegorsch.

In 2017 his bees were able to produce close to 100 pounds of honey, then in 2018 they barely produced 40 pounds.

Piegorsch said even though the production is low, the demand for raw honey is still there.

“It’s actually good for the bee keepers that’s where we are picking up our extra income from it’s from the higher price of honey when we are selling directly to consumers,” he said.

He said even though the production of honey is low there is something residents can do to help.

Piegorsch advises to continue to let flowers and weeds grow so bees can get their nectar.

Piegorsch has 200 bee hives, each of those have 20,000 bees.

He hopes the upcoming summer will make up for the loss of honey in 2018.


Victoria Saha

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