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St. Mary’s Catholic Church to purchase Everest Inn

WAUSAU (WAOW)– The Everest Inn will soon have a new owner. St. Mary’s Catholic Church is buying the Inn and turning it into a convent.

This fall, three sisters from the Sisters Adorers of the Royal Heart of Jesus Christ Sovereign Priest will come to Wausau and live in the convent. The sisterhood is based in Florence, Italy and the convent in Wausau will be the first of the sisterhood in the U.S.

Seven women from Wausau have traveled to Italy to join the sisterhood, but the specific nuns that will be living in Wausau haven’t been chosen yet. The fact that there are women from Wausau in the sisterhood did play a role in the church approaching the Bishop of La Crosse about purchasing the Everest Inn.

“They set such a good example with the lives they lead and I think in particular for the young people in the area. They’ll be active right here at St. Mary’s and just setting a good example for the young people here,” Canon Aaron Huberfeld at St. Mary’s Catholic Church said.

The nuns will move into the convent in the fall. The sale of the Everest Inn will be final on May 30.

Ben Zitouni

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